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We are proud to announce we are one of a handful of facilities to offer a cutting edge virtual reality recovery program created by Dr. Phil. All patients staying at our rehab program will have access to this program and our trained staff will be there to guide them through the experience. 

About Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery 

Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery is a new recovery reinforcement tool available to help the newly sober make the difficult transition from rehab to the real world.  The virtual reality (VR) video tool depicts various scenarios that are common triggers for individuals reentering the world outside of rehab. Each scenario features a face-to-face experience with Dr. Phil. 

This powerful new tool in the fight against addiction was created with inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in mind. The two-step supplemental strategy includes virtual sessions with Dr. Phil, accompanied by workbook exercises designed to be completed and discussed with each facility’s counseling staff. 

The creators of this program, Dr. Phil McGraw, who has more than 45 years of experience working in the mental health profession, and Jay McGraw, understand what it takes for someone to make a drastic change in the direction of their life. Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery is not a standalone recovery program; it is an enhancement to in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Initially launched in early 2017, it has been enthusiastically received by reputable facilities coast to coast. For a list of participating facilities and more information, please visit drphil.rehab.

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