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First year and scientific studies support the results of long-term monitoring

Palm Springs, July 14, 2017: Ken Seeley Communities Rehab (KSC Rehab) announces a long-term support and monitoring program for those recovering from substance abuse or addiction. KSC Rehab is the first in the country to be approved to offer this monitoring program to the public. After one year of offering this program, KSC Rehab is seeing high rates of success.

Each year over 50,000 people in the United States die from drug related overdoses. Annual cost related to crime, health care and lost work productivity is over $520.5 billion due to alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription opiates.1,2,3,4,5 Even with medical treatment, relapse rates reach between 40-60%.6

However certain groups are finding relapse rates far below the national average. Licensed professionals such as doctors, pharmacists and pilots are provided with aftercare programs by the state or federal government for 3 to 5 years following treatment. Similar monitoring programs are in place in the judicial system with high rates of success for those enrolled. Monitoring programs maintain a relationship with the patient, mandating contact with a counselor as well as random drug and alcohol screenings. In one sample study, nurses, physicians, and pharmacists were reported to have relapse rates near 8-12% compared to 39% for those without a monitoring program.7 Long-term success was also seen in judicial monitoring programs, with over 85% completing multiple year programs with little or no relapse.8

The Joint Commission national accreditation organization for healthcare has approved Ken Seeley Communities Rehab to create and manage a program based on those proven successful for physicians and the judicial system. This program gives recovering addicts and alcoholics the support needed to change behaviors and create an environment that promotes long-term recovery. A recovery advocate monitors each individual through phone calls and random screenings, works with families to build a safe environment and relationships, and creates documentation that useful for parents, spouses, jobs and legal circumstances.

Headquartered in Palm Springs, California, Ken Seeley Communities Rehab is one of the nation’s leading rehabilitation centers, specializing in treating substance abuse from interventions through aftercare and case management. These programs offered at Ken Seeley Rehab, even intervention, and long-term recovery programs are covered by PPO insurance. These long term monitoring programs are a new and important resource used by Ken Seeley and his staff and will greatly enhance drug addict’s chances of long term success.


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