Health and Mindfulness Programs for Substance Abuse

Part of achieving recovery is realizing that changes must be made with one’s lifestyle. Personal health, fitness, mindfulness and awareness all play a major role in long term success. At Ken Seeley Rehab we offer many health and mindfulness based activities including: 

Daily Gym Sessions

Daily sessions at the gym will reduce and relieve stress, rebuild self-confidence and self-esteem, quiet the mind like meditation, and positively alter neurochemistry.


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Yoga provides a sense of well-being in its nurturing effect on body and mind. The exercise produces natural endorphins and the postures and stretching relieve stress and tension throughout the body.  Focusing on the breath and the body allows the mind to find calm and peace.  All of these aspects are essential for a person in every stage of recovery.

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Meditation rewires critical pathways in the brain, important for patients in early recovery.  It changes how our awareness of self, our ability to reflect, as well as how we process stress.  Meditation as a practice allows one to sit with the thoughts, cravings, and emotions that can bring on a relapse.  With strong mindfulness and meditation, addicts and alcoholics can observe their everyday situations and react to them safely without the use of drugs or alcohol.

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Hiking trails nearby provide open-space, fresh air and breathtaking views. Hike into Indian Canyon amongst groves of native California palm trees, walk along the massive boulders and craggy cliffs of the nearby ridge, or take a trip up to the Pacific Crest Trail for sweeping views of Palm Springs and the entire Coachella Valley

Tall grove of California native palm trees

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Workshops

Mindfulness has been described as “paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally. It is a centering practice similar to meditation, except with mindfulness the person in recovery learns to become aware of their emotions and triggers, not just to ignore them.

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Life Coaching

Beyond therapy, life coaching is available for those who need extra help. This could be learning daily life skills such as laundry and food preparation, working on resumes and job applications or focusing on what to do next in their recovery.

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Food Preparation and Meal-Planning Assistance

Learning prepare and cook meals in your budget is an important part of finding stability in recovery. The staff is available for grocery shopping, planning week by week meals, and learning to eat the right foods for a strong body and mind.

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