Craig Devitt, ICADC-II
Director of Operations

Craig is a certified crisis management and intervention specialist who has been working within the field of chemical dependence and substance use for the last four years. Craig holds an ICDAC-II certification under the governing board of CCAPP. With an educational and lived in background in arena of substance use, Craig is uniquely qualified to reach his clients with empathy and understanding.

Over the last four years, Craig has participated in building and developing various programs encompassing the entire spectrum of treatment from detoxification to outpatient programs. As a program manager and operations supervisor, Craig has overseen programs at both small facilities and large facilities housing and treating up to 40 clients at a time. Craig’s experience in the field has allowed him to work with not only substance abuse and chemical dependency, but also client’s suffering with co-occurring disorders, primary mental health, and incarcerated or gang affiliated populations.

Craig’s many years within the field have afforded him the opportunity to exercise his talents and education through the roles of Client Solutions Specialist, Program Manager, Operations Manager, and Director of Operations. Through his education and personal experience, Craig continually provides a safe and caring environment for each and every one of his clients, as well as exhibits genuine care and passion to have a positive lasting effect on every life his work touches.